Natural alignment and better posture with QOR360.

“We sit for more than half our waking hours but, unfortunately, our chairs force us to sit badly, immobilizing rather than supporting us. The result has been bad posture and an epidemic of back pain and ‘sitting disease’.
Chairs that allow active sitting address these problems, but, because such chairs are complicated and expensive to manufacture, active sitting has not been widely adopted.
We plan to change all that.”
Dr. Turner Osler
Active sitting at a table

Posture is the moment to moment response of the body to gravity. The conversation begins at birth, and continues as babies first lift their heads, then creep, then crawl, then sit, and finally stand.  Throughout this awakening of the body the spine is adapting to gravity, developing the normal curves in the lower back, thorax and neck that allow for perfectly balanced, calorically efficient standing and sitting while at rest.  Simultaneously, the body is developing muscular reflexes that facilitate efficient posture, reflexes that adjust the spine's moments to moment to assure balanced, stable posture.

Standard chairs distort posture by providing “support” that requires the spine to respond with new, unusual conformations. Due to the failure of conventional chairs to promote a natural sitting position, we have largely lost the habit of sitting in an active, stress-free way. Creating a habit takes constant, 24/7 attention. It is even harder when we are trying to get back in the habit of good and natural posture. The more comfortable slouch beckons and our goal is forgotten.

QOR360 chairs necessitate good posture but do not demand tireless conscious attention. Your QOR360 chair aligns good posture with your instinct. You constantly readjust your posture to stay balanced on the seat that is constantly tipping, yet you will never have to remind yourself to have good posture; if you are sitting on your QOR360 chair, you already have good posture.

... absolutely love my chair!! One indication is that I’ve been super productive! Active sitting works well for me. By nature, I’m a knee-jiggler and fidgeter. Your chair redirects my energies in the most positive of ways. I’ll send you some photos when I get home of your chair in my office! I love the red cushion too - a super vibrant color that brightens my office.
— Suzanne - California


Natural movement through Active Sitting and the Eccentric Bicylinder.

All QOR360 chairs employ our eccentric bicylinder to allow for gentle motion of a seat in all directions by balancing such a seat on a rocker with this unique, geometric shape: Because the upper and lower surfaces of this shape are gently curved but 90 degrees opposed, a flat seat placed atop this shape effortlessly tips in all directions.

More than you ever need to know about bicylinders:  In general, a bicylinder is simply the volume of intersection of two cylinders.  The geometrical properties of the simple bicylinder have long interested mathematicians; indeed, Archimedes computed the volume of this solid over 2,000 years ago. However, interest largely centered upon the simplest possible bicylinder which is formed by the intersection of two cylinders of equal diameter meeting at 90 degrees with their axes also intersecting:

The Eccentric Bicylinder looks rather different: it is the volume of intersection of two cylinders when their axes do not intersect; indeed the cylinders need not even have the same diameter.  Relaxing the requirement that the axes of the two cylinders intersect results in a class of bicylinder with a very different looking shape that escaped notice until 2015 when Dr. Osler created it as a way to simplify active sitting.


Movement is the answer.


Being stationary, in one position, for hours on end is extremely bad for our bodies.