Frequently Asked Questions:

On this page we've compiled a variety of resources to help you sit better with QOR360. Below, you'll find some easy instructions for getting started, a list of frequently asked questions, and if you find yourself still hunting for answers, at the bottom of the page we've included a handy contact form. 

Some quick tips to get started with your QOR360.

After you’ve unpacked your new QOR360 active chair, place the chair four or five inches away from a wall, facing outwards. Slowly sit down with your feet flat and firmly on the ground and your sit bones even.  When your rocker tips, your core will respond automatically, reorienting the spine to preserve balance. These spinal reflexes were developed during early childhood as the spine's learned response to living in a world permeated by gravity.  All of these complex and subtle movements occur outside of conscious awareness and so the effect feels rather mysterious, a little like floating.  QOR360’s technology allows your reflexes to simply take over, making "instructions" less important. Yes, you can purposefully tip your chair, but the spine's response is pre-programmed, honed over months of a child's sitting, crawling, and finally, walking.

1.  What is active sitting?

All QOR360 products are designed to promote active sitting instead of static sitting. Also called dynamic sitting, active sitting refers to the idea that your spinal reflexes are free to adjust your posture from moment to moment while in a seated position. Unlike static, conventional chairs, active sitting is the concept that flexibility and movement while sitting can improve posture, core strength, and be beneficial to the human body.  You can read more about active sitting here.

2.  How does the QOR360 work to create active sitting ?

A uniquely shaped rocker (the eccentric bicylinder) sits just under the seat of every QOR360 chair.  Because this rocker is curved on both its upper and lower surfaces with the curves at right angles to one another, this rocker allows the seat of a QOR360 chair to tip in every direction.  So, while the geometry of the rocker is simple, the healthy motion it encourages is quite sophisticated.

3.  Will sitting on the QOR360 really improve my posture, core strength, and actually burn calories?

Yes, yes, and yes.  Because the QOR360 allows your spinal reflexes to naturally move and adjust, most users find that their posture immediately improves when they sit down on a QOR360 chair.  Moreover, because the QOR360 gently and continuously conditions your core musculature this improved posture over time becomes habitual. Slowly and gradually, active sitting can condition core muscles that may have been ignored in your day to day routine of sitting in a fixed position.  Active sitting has been shown in studies to increase your metabolic burn by up to 15%.

4. Is the QOR360 different from other ergonometric chairs?

The word “ergonomic” is often applied as a "marketing tactic" by various seating companies. The term is applied to static structures that support the back, neck, spine, etc.  Unfortunately such “support” forces one to sit in a single, non-active posture which fails to support natural spinal movement and health. QOR360 takes a radically different approach, with true ergonomic seating that promotes continuously subtle and healthy movements of the vertebrae.

5.  What’s the difference between a QOR360 and an exercise ball?

An exercise ball provides a fundamentally different type of motion than the QOR360 because the ball allows the pelvis to translate through space.  The QOR360, by contrast, allows the pelvis to tip in all directions, but does not allow translation. Unfortunately, the exercise ball allows one to sit in a slumped posture, losing the natural convex forward bend of the lumbar spine.  This slumped posture is hard to arrive at on a QOR360, and even harder to maintain.  Furthermore, the exercise ball height is hard to control, as it depends on not only the size of the ball but the inflation pressure.  The QOR360 provides precise control of the height of the chair.  This is important, because the angle formed by the femurs (leg bones) at the hip joint determines whether the lumbar spine is free to assume its natural curve.  

6.  What's it like to sit on a QOR360 and how should I first use it?

When people first encounter the QOR360 there can be several different reactions, sometimes all at once.  Surprise is common, as is amusement, perhaps because the expectation of a “solid” seat is challenged.  After a moment of disorientation most people “get it”: they catch their balance and sit up in a tall, balanced posture and then begin to explore different modes of rocking. Kids, on the other hand, seem to simply enjoy the ride without trying to figure out or explain the experience.

The first time you sit down on a QOR360 chair we recommend that you place the back of the chair 4 or 5 inches from a wall, to preclude the very slight possibility of falling backwards.  After a few moments to get over the initial surprise of active sitting sit on your QOR360 anywhere you wish, you’ll be fine. Sit playfully, confident that your spine knows its business and will find and express your naturally perfect posture.

7.  Where can I find more information about the hazards of conventional sitting ?

Epidemiologists have known that static sitting is bad for people for some time now, and it’s become clear that static sitting on conventional chairs causes at least two different sorts of problems.  First, sitting in conventional chairs requires that anatomically unusual postures be held for protracted periods, postures that can cause stiffness and contribute to back discomfort.  Additionally, the core muscles are put at rest by static sitting, leading to deconditioning of these muscles that sets the stage for back injury and chronic pain. A second problem with conventional chairs is that sitting in these chairs causes most of the muscles in the body to “go dark”, that is, become metabolically inactive.  This results not only in a decrease in the number of calories used, but a fundamentally change our basic biochemistry, resulting in deleterious cardiovascular and metabolic effects: increased blood pressure, increased levels of fasting glucose, triglycerides, and high-density lipoprotein are all associated with static sitting. There is some good news, however:  It turns out that even modestly increasing the amount of activity involved in sitting may have large benefits:  a recent study found that those who simply fidget while sitting are largely protected from the harmful metabolic consequences of sitting.  

8. How do I choose the correct QOR360 size?

These heights are calibrated to ensure that when sitting one’s knees are lower than one’s hips, an arrangement that encourages the lower spine to keep its normal, graceful, convex forward lumbar lordosis while sitting.

The height of one's chair is very important to allow you to take full advantage of our active chairs.  We recommend that you measure the distance from floor to the top of your kneecap (patella) while standing and then pick the chair with a height closest to your personal patellar height.  The fit doesn't have to be exact, but you should select the chair that most closely fits your personal anatomy.

If you purchased an adjustable chair, arrange for the seat top to be even with the top of your kneecap. 

9.  Can I try the QOR360 before I buy it?

All QOR 360 chairs come with a free one-month money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, simply return it to us within 30 days and you will get your money back! 

10.  Do I need a cushion for my QOR360 chair?

All our chairs come with a standard cushion made from closed cell foam in red or black, it provides comfortable padding as well as a bit of traction because our wooden seats are smooth.  Most find this to be enough, but some want some extra comfort so we also sell our Deluxe Cushion additionally that is thicker and offers more padding.  Made from high density memory foam, this is the answer for those who like some extra padding.

11. Where are your chairs made? 

All of our chairs are designed and made in America with materials sourced from New England. You can learn more about the materials we us and their origins here.

* Remember, for anything not answered here, or if you just want to suggest another FAQ, contact us.

The QOR360 encourages the body to naturally sit in an upright and balanced position rather than slouched or hunched over as with the back and arm rests of traditional office style chairs. “In a slouch position, the support of the sit bones is lost, and the abdominal muscles go unused. ” Dr. Turner Osler